Dating someone with ms

His is the relapsing MS, so a bit different to my friends.

I have spoken to her about it, but would appreciate the advice of others too. I'd love to meet him eventually of course, but I can tell that he is nervous about asking because of the MS.

I also prefer time-sensitive first dates, like an afternoon movie, since my fatigue often kicks in during the evening.

By planning beforehand, I am able to take away some of the constant thinking about MS and put the focus on the date.

She has been my friend for well over 20 years now so I have some understanding of the condition.“One of the things I had to figure out was how can I love someone else until I love me?” More than a year later, Johnson was ready to dip her toe in the dating pool again. But she decided not to let the disease define her or dominate her conversations. If something on a date is hard because of her MS -- cracking a lobster claw at dinner or going for an all-day hike -- she turns that moment into an opportunity.There are a lot of different ways to meet people nowadays.Things like common interest groups, social sites, and dating sites can help you meet people with similar interests.He says women in the past have heard about his health issues and not wanted to become involved so I can see why he is anxious.


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