Armenian dating in los angeles

More than just genocide, he said—the only acceptable use of “genocide” after “just.” As we prepared for our final descent, he asked where in Glendale, exactly, he could find the heart of the Armenian community. Mary’s Apostolic, one of the oldest Armenian churches in the city.

This sounded like the right answer, especially to a man of faith. I’d tell the only rabbi in Sioux City, Iowa that to find the heart of the Armenian community in Glendale, you have to go to a two-story business plaza at Glendale Avenue and Elk.

This clustering is not unusual in a city where some 80,000 Armenians—the second-largest number in the world after Yerevan—make their home.

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The Valley, with its endless, interchangeable and bizarrely beautiful array of strip malls, car washes, and Paul Thomas Anderson film shooting locations.

Laughing at the sight of an exasperated Jay Leno as he impotently stands alongside his broken down 1930 Duesenberg SJ during rush hour on the I-5. Going out for Disney Channel roles when you’re pushing 30.

Living in Los Angeles means crawling to Malibu on the PCH but feeling the opposite of stressed about it. Living in Los Angeles means eating your salad alfresco as you watch cars slowly inch down Melrose. Being told you are a type, and either accepting or changing it.

• Graveyard Shift - Catch a Cinespia flick at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Then, spend the rest of your evening cozied up with a glass of wine in the glow of the silver screen.

Los Angeles may be the playground for the rich and famous, but it's also center stage for thousands of singles from all walks of life.


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