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While their work largely involved writing user stories for development, the group also came up with requirement lists for specific areas of tool development, outlined below.

We hope that these lists help continue to bridge the gap between digital preservation professionals and open source developers by providing a deeper perspective of user needs.

The Hidden History of Britain's School Student Strike by Michael Lavalette Ann Field, Mike Simons and Ian Taylor on Thatcher, Murdoch and Wapping - the conspiracy that broke the printers' union.

This is the final post in the blogg ERS series describing outcomes of the #OSS4Pres 2.0 workshop at i PRES 2016, addressing open source tool and software development for digital preservation.

Osher at the University of New Mexico offers a wide range of courses, lectures and special events to its members.

Courses and lectures are taught by UNM faculty as well as by qualified members of the community.

Membership in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UNM Continuing Education allows adults 50 and over to choose from a diverse set of thought-provoking courses taught year round by current and emeritus University of New Mexico faculty members and renowned experts from the local community.

The emphasis of the university-level, day-time, evening and week-end courses is on building an accessible and affordable experience of the best of the University's learning environment.

The group was largely comprised of practitioners who work with digital curation tools regularly, and was facilitated by Carl Wilson of the Open Preservation Foundation.In 1998, these ideas helped Amanda and her husband David to form Terra Incognita's intentional community.TI attempted to integrate spirituality with sexuality using ancient Mesopotamian models that have proven to be adaptable to a variety of religious and magickal beliefs.Amanda enjoys exploring this wild ride called life with her partner in crime, live music, spreading the seeds of Chaos Magick at festivals across the Midwest, throwing fabulous parties, costumes, collecting weird shit, walks on the beach with fruity drinks garnished with umbrellas, practicing every day magick, sunny days, sleeping in, crystals, and snuggling her grey cat, River.(Templewhore) is an idea driven person motivated by her inspired concepts.She is co-founder of Party Monster, a paradigm based on the club scene of the 90's.


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