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Also, most of the gay locals we met were still in the closet.

But on the positive, a lot has since changed, which has made it easier for gay boys growing up in modern Vietnamese society.

I went on Tinder to create two accounts: one as a white male (James, 24 y/o) and one as a white female (Lauren, 22 y/o). In the opinion of three Viet friends that I asked, these people are attractive but not Brad Pitt/Scarlett Johansson level of attractive. I can’t post their photos here because I need the accounts to do further research.

I started James’ account on Dec 27, 2016, and Lauren’s account on Dec 29, 2016.

You can see the French colonial influences in many of the older parts of the city, which thankfully survived the conflict.

And, seeing more successful LGBT persons in the media helps society see gayness as something normal as oppose to an illness or wrong.

Idk about you but I find small talk on Tinder excruciating.

Like, I know you want to get in my pants but I’ll play coy so you can pretend that you care and we can both waste time.

Great food, people, party and value make Saigon one of my top 5 cities in the world.

So many things are great about Saigon that it’s hard to decide where to start.


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