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An hour glass figure with long hair is an hour glass figure with long hair – no matter where you end up. But give a group of people an image of the same girl and each person will pick out something different that they like about her.Alpha X is a C level executive and unconventional philanderer who specializes in self development, human behavior, and seduction.He has been a writer for, So, Return Of as well as having been interviewed for Double Your Dating Interview Series by David De Angelo, on the Advanced Dating Techniques DVD as well as the Cliff's List DVD series.With different countries comes different cultures and styles, literally creating hundreds of different ideas about beauty – inside and out.As difficult as it is to quantify beauty, based on internet polls, searches, and other sources of data we offer you this list of countries we feel have the most beautiful women in the world. He may not be the loudest guy, but when he speaks, people listen. He is so sure of himself, it seems like he could stare down a bull.


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