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The Unity Unit’s assistant is Ruby (Liz Kingsman) – who returns to play the same privileged and not-very-bright character as in Ballot Monkeys – a PA impervious to being fired since she’s the daughter of a prestigious party donor.

On the cross-party Brexit Roadshow bus are Spencer (Kevin Mc Nally, Downton Abbey, The Pirates the Caribbean films), a disenchanted former UKIP-er now hopelessly in love with an Eastern European, and Gerry (Andy Nyman, Ballot Monkeys, Psychobitches), the Roadshow’s production manager.

The film was shot over a five-day period with the cast improvising from a scene-by-scene outline, and while it does have its clichéd moments (and what rom-com doesn’t?

) it also feels fresh and honest, with the central relationship between Laura Haddock and Dylan Edwards especially tender and sparky.

Gavin is 26 and lives in Essex with his parents, Mick and Pam.

‘Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen, try not to die of consumption or gangrene’, as the old Victorian misogynist’s saying goes.

He gets to work on her confidant, Matthew Pocket, first getting him drunk, and then trying to kill him during an inebriated dare involving leaping between rooftops.

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is described as ‘a show like no other’ – a scripted comedy (practically) made and aired in one day, with six writers, four directors and a whole host of panicking political power monkeys…


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