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In the premiere episode of the new season, “Underneath it All Pt.1″, the school year begins with Fiona (Annie Clark) retuning from rehab and trying to make a fresh start.To any tweenage fan, that’s OMGZ MUNRO FREAKING CHAMBERS!!!, the shaggy-haired dreamy-eyed wonder that is the show’s tragic Romeo (as of late, anyway), a tormented boy called Eli Goldsworthy (the “E” in Eclare) who takes the term “lovestruck” to a new level when he almost kills himself in the previous season’s finale just to get a glimpse of his paramour.She has wrapped filming Degrassi as of 2012, due to her character graduating.She is close friends with Chloe Rose, Charlotte Arnold, Munro Chambers, AJ Saudin, Samantha Munro, and Cristine Prosperi.Clare tests Jake to determine if they’re “emotionally ready” for sex.Meanwhile, a new group of freshmen get their first taste of Degrassi drama as school president Katie’s (Chloe Rose) little sister, meets a cute boy on the first day of school.

It’s the first nomination for Degrassi after 11 seasons. [Laughs] There’s so many people that everyone are all friends—we all hang out outside of work and I think that’s what makes the dynamic and chemistry between the characters work so well is because we’re all friends. The show I did before this, I got two best friends out of it so it’s kind of the same dynamic as my last show, . Things don’t seem like they ever work out for her so this is actually someone who is pretty good for her. We learned that Fiona is actually a lesbian last season. It’ll be her first real lesbian relationship because before, it was kind of the unrequited love with Holly J, which wasn’t really happening, and then Adam which was kind of a different relationship too.She got accepted into the University of Toronto on April 25th, 2012, and studying film.Her former Degrassi co-star Sam Earle and her have a film class together.and drama go hand in hand and with the new season of the hit show premiering tonight, you can be sure that there’ll be tons of thrills and chills to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.Celebuzz recently caught up with stars Annie Clark and Munro Chambers, who play the school’s resident wild child Fiona and bad boy Eli respectively, to talk about what’s to come this upcoming season — including an unexpected murder in the first episode!Andrea "Annie" Clark is a Canadian actress and dancer who was born on June 4, 1992. Also she appeared in the movie Not With My Daughter as Abby Eco, co-starring with Erik Knudsen and John Ralston.


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