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New activities that teach help us assure our youth "run the race" with their eyes fixed on the principles of the Christian faith.This website will share free games for Christian youth groups as well as lessons that teach to assist in your youth progams.Youth group games are an essential part of any Christian church youth activity night.

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If you are a youth pastor or a helper in a youth group of some sort, here is a list of 15 fun ideas you can do with your kids.

To get some ice breaker activity ideas view our collection of ice breaker games for small groups, icebreaker games large groups, icebreaker games teamwork and team building activities.

Well, we've heard about some great stuff going on in church youth groups and Christian clubs all over the world.

Please share a Christian youth game or activity you have found to be successful by e-mailing us at [email protected] Please feel free to visit our guest book and leave feedback.

Activities That Teach Thirty Four color drawings covering thirteen events including: the martyrdom, the prison break, the trial and the ultimate appearance of Mattpaul.


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