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are more realistic and enhance the game’s Open-Air feel.

- The physical copy of the Wii U version will require 3GB of available memory on the Wii U system or an external drive.

Producer Cody Bradley discussed the new Switch version of Rime in a blog post published today.

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I possess no sail." Fortunately, here is a King of Red Lions boat which doesn't need a sail, as Reddit user Ryksnout created this awesome Wind Waker-inspired rocking horse for his son. This year's E3 provided more details for the Champions' Ballad, which is due to release later this year.

The second DLC pack will give more of a backstory for the heroes in Breath of the Wild, and focus on Princess Zelda's history.

It looks to be much more story driven than The Master Trials and will hopefully tug on the heart strings just as much as some of Link's memories. The Japan Expo has become a highly anticipated yearly event for fans of Japanese art, video games, music and anime.

They will show off all of the known playable characters, enemies, weapons, and such for the game.

Marin, one of the principal characters from the 1993 Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, will join the roster of Hyrule Warriors Legends in the game's plans for downloadable...


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