Who has cassie scerbo dating

Having begun at the age of 10, Cassie has appeared in numerous television shows and movies over the span of her career including CSI: Miami and more recently Sharknado where she starred as Nova Clarke. just the fact that my mom and my dad believed in me was so important.

But fans of ABC Family Channel probably know her best for her role as Lauren Tanner in the hit show Make It or Break It about a group of elite teen gymnasts whose dream is to compete in the Olympics. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have spent all the time and money on my career and on my passion.

" the ho-tel heiress told Us Weekly at Wednesday's Project A.

The group's debut album Dance Revolution was released but failed to chart. In the midst of 2007 as the group began working on their sophomore record the group was confirmed to have split.

Scerbo was chosen as one of the five members out of over 1,000 fellow applicants.

In September 2006, the group hosted the children's music variety series Dance Revolution which promoted nutrition and fitness to children.

She attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

In 2006, Scerbo successfully auditioned for the Music Girl Group Slumber Party Girls.


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