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Someone by the moniker of Blend3r contacted me with a new method of rooting both the NVG510 and NVG589 modems.

It does require downgrading the firmware, but it looks easy enough to execute.

I looked through it and it makes sense to me, but I by no means support any of these. And well, I just haven't had the motivation to try to find another. I have no intentions of picking back up on rooting the NVG510 and NVG589.

I'm rather reluctant to have the clunky Optus router powered up just for voice.Ideally, pick a place near an electric outlet to minimize the appearance of wires. The camera is pretty light, so I skipped using the included anchors and just used the screws to secure it.The wall mount is adjustable vertically, so place it a little higher so you can angle it down on your little one to get a bit of a higher perspective.Updates: Fixed reset of MAC ID numbers in Kadet models. Added update to "Using the Data Logger" section of user manual. Build 502.000 (08/13/12) Updates: Added support for Kadet 2 models. They often have Wi-Fi, IR filters for watching the baby even in the dark, the ability to pan and tilt, can stream to a regular browser or mobile IP cam app, record to your home NAS, and have the ability to alert you when they sense motion.


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