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A Belgian couple found this out the hard way when in 2014 their 7-month-old baby died after being fed milk made from quinoa, oats, buckwheat, semolina and rice.

Now, the parents have been convicted for the unintentional death. Identified as Peter S Sandrina V, the parents, who owned a health food store, were given a six-month suspended jail term after being found guilty of the death of their son, Lucas.

At the time of his death, Lucas, dehydrated and malnourished, weighed just under 10 pounds.

The parents said they set his diet because Lucas was lactose—and gluten—intolerant, but prosecutors were skeptical.

The parents, who run a natural food store in their hometown, fed their child on a special milk diet.

A seven-month-old baby died weighing just 9lbs after his parents fed him an alternative gluten-free diet.

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