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But for guys, does the decision to go bare really matter? A survey discovered that a whopping 84 percent of women have admitted to "grooming" their pubic hair in some way, whether it was waxing, shaving, or just trimming it.

But what do guys think about "scaping" or Brazilian wax to remove the hair down there?

Throw away your comfortable jeans, the way-to-big T-shirts and all of your other manly kind of clothes.

Be ready to wear dresses and to fix your hair, because he wants the most pretty lady out there and most likely he’s proud to call you his and he will show you off when you’re in public.

Ever since the show's debut and the multi-million dollar success of the feature films, more and more women have dared to bare it all — or are, at the very least, thinking about keeping the feminine landscape trimmed and tight.Related: What It's Like To Get Your First Brazilian (Spread Your A$$ Cheeks!) Opting for sans hair down there has thoroughly split the sexes straight down the middle."In my personal experience, I've learned to never trust a girl with a bare vagina."To shave or not to shave …that's the million-dollar question (and if you get razor burn as easily as I do in the winter then it's really a no-brainer).(And the sexual innuendo of the article is at its peak, mind you.)While women find the hairless hack to be refreshing, freeing, and easier to maintain (yes, all things real women have said), how do dudes feel about the Brazilian Wax? Trust me on that." — Hank, 28What do you think about waxing all your hair down there?


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