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So, apart from the usual advice of buying from a reputable dealer who will guarantee their stock and give you an authentic receipt as your proof of purchase, remember the golden rule “let the buyer beware”.Quite often when we come across a “find” and we think it is undervalued we stay with the hope without considering the full facts!I have uploaded three photos of the three marks of Crown Staffordshire (Thomas Green of Fenton, Staffs) which fit your description.Although the marks are not "two backward E's", I suspect this is the mark you are referring to.One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is ”how can you tell a copy of a Staffordshire pottery figure from the real thing? This is a very relevant question when buying Staffordshire animals and figures because many copies and fakes have been made.

A fancy old solid looking plate, or pitcher, or cup (not transluscent or thin) with no pottery marks and a crackled old glaze over blue & white or Imari (chinoiserie) patterns is likely to be Staffordshire early to mid 1800's (unless it's a modern Chinese fake, in which case it will more than likely have a crusty old-looking made-up mark).Thanks, Tina=========================================Reply by Peter (admin)To:- Crown Staffordshire Pottery Marks - Antique Bone China Query Hi Tina Thanks for the valuation request.Without submitting a photo of the set and especially the Pottery Mark it is very hard to give you any information .The name of the pottery manufacturer and an approximation of date of manufacture can be discovered if the piece of pottery has a backstamp.There are way too many to list here as it would take a whole new website to list them all!The best reference book we have found is the Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks by Geoffrey A Godden and is probably the only book you will ever need.


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