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The data that you paste from the Clipboard must be in HTML format, such as data that is copied from Excel or Word.You can also copy and paste a whole table or a range within Power Pivot.

If you update values in multiple columns, you use a comma (,) to separate each pair of column and value.The DEFAULT literal is the only value which you can directly assign to a generated column.Whenever you alter the value of a column referenced by the -- All the employees except the manager of -- department (WORKDEPT) 'E21' have been temporarily reassigned.The percent sign "%" can be used as a wild card to match any possible character that might appear before or after the characters specified.For example: Enter the following sample select statements in the SQL Interpreter Form at the bottom of this page.-- Indicate this by changing their job (JOB) to NULL and their pay -- (SALARY, BONUS, COMM) values to zero in the EMPLOYEE table.


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